During my career I have helped individuals find meaning and satisfaction in their jobs and in their lives. My goal is to support my clients so they bring their best selves to whatever they do. By discovering their strengths, challenges and core values, and by empowering them to make their own choices, they become confident in their abilities and more invested in their future success.

Coaching is successful when a change in the way we think or behave produces a positive outcome for the client and key stakeholders. I integrate a behavioral and cognitive approach in my coaching practice and use techniques that are action-oriented as well as reflective.  Clients discover what motivates them and how to set realistic goals. They also learn to identify gaps in their skill set, and to recognize behavior that needs to improve or change.

Coaching is not necessarily a “quick fix.” To create change that sticks, clients must be willing to change and be committed to, and accountable for the work that needs to be done.         

What is coaching through creative expression?

This method of coaching uses a variety of creative activities within the workshop to launch conversations, to increase self-awareness, to process change and to find clarity of purpose.

What is the advantage of coaching in groups?

  • Groups provide weekly social interactions with like-minded women
  • They offer a supportive environment that encourages honesty and is non-judgmental
  • If you are new to a coaching and wonder whether it is right for you, group coaching is an opportunity to have a coaching experience without committing to the higher costs of individual coaching packages

Team Coaching for Organizations

I also offer on-site business team coaching for groups that want and need to work better together and increase positive performance within their organization. This includes team building, communication and helping employees during organizational transitions and/or merging operations.

  • What can coaching accomplish in the business sector?
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Develop high potential employees
  • Identify competency skills
  • Close the (technical) skills gap
  • Increase positive performance
  • Help employees during organizational transitions

Areas of Expertise

  • Creative Expression
  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team building

Coaching is not therapy

I assume that a client is mentally healthy, and therefore, I do not tread on emotional issues that require the skills of a therapist.


I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics, and your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to me. When a client pays for his or her own coaching session, whatever is discussed is deemed private.

If an organization pays me to coach an individual, then information specifically related to the situation/problem might be shared with the manager but only with my client’s knowledge. Anything related to my client’s personal life would be kept confidential. 

Clients should be aware that notes kept of coaching sessions are not legally privileged and are more easily obtained in the event of legal action.

Coaching Credentials

  • M.S. Learning and Organizational Change Northwestern University, 2013
  • Graduate Certificate in Organizational & Leadership Coaching, Northwestern University, 2013
  • Certified MBTI Practitioner, Levels 1 and 2                 

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